Why Hire a Recruiter?

Sure, you could post ads on internet job sites. You could spread the word among colleagues. You could even place a few cold calls. But whether you’re looking for a new employee for your law firm, or you’re seeking a new career with a law firm, there are many good reasons to work with a professional recruiter, instead.

Let’s start with the advantages for law firms.

As someone looking to hire the next new attorney for your firm, there is a lot riding on your decision. You want someone with a good education; who did well in school or at her previous firm; who has the demeanor to “fit in” at your office; who’s a professional in every sense of the word; who will represent your firm well and who will work for a reasonable salary. It’s no wonder that conducting the search for this person by yourself could easily take more time than you can afford to give.

A professional search firm can devote the necessary time and resources to finding the best candidates because this is all they do. This is their livelihood. And their reputations are at stake every time they send someone your way.

A good recruitment firm will conduct background checks on all potential hires. An experienced recruiter will be skilled in negotiating salaries and can act as a mediator between you and the candidate. In addition, a job seeker working through a recruiter may be more open about his desires and plans than he would be in direct discussions with a law firm. And though it may sound counterintuitive, using a professional recruiter can be cost-effective. The better ones work on a contingency basis, giving you a reasonable time period in which to evaluate your new hire before you have to pay.

And what about the job seeker?

These days, there is so much more to finding your next career in law than opening an account at Monster.com or mailing a few dozen resumes and cover letters. In the legal field, it’s a “buyer’s” market; and to attract the attention of the better firms, you have to stand out.

That’s where legal recruiters shine. They have vast networks of contacts. They know how to “sell” your best assets. Recruiters can give you personalized advice on writing resumes and cover letters and how to approach certain interviews. If the search for the perfect job starts taking more time than you had hoped, a good recruiter can always be counted on for moral support. And because legal recruiters are paid by law firms – not by the candidates – you’re essentially getting their professional services for free.

Whether you’re a law firm looking for a new associate, or you’re an attorney or legal assistant looking for a new career, the task can be long, tedious and expensive. A good professional search firm will have the knowledge, resources and experience to help you lessen the effects of all three.